Casa das Espetadas


Taste of Tradition

Casa das Espetadas specialises in traditional cuisine with a wood oven. The decor emphasises Madeiran traditions, including a faithful reproduction of the emblematic Houses of Santana on the outside terrace.


'Espetadas (skewers) are a true specialty in Madeira, so we tried to create a restaurant that would make locals proud! The more traditional customers tend to opt for the classic beef 'espetada', but there are also options with chicken, tuna, pork, or other seasonal specialities. There's also always room for one of Madeira's favourite drinks: the popular Poncha!'

Located 100 metres from the hotel complex it is a part of, VIDA MAR, the Casa das Espetadas restaurant specialises in traditional cuisine with a wood oven, combined with much of Madeira's folklore and fado together!
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