Flavours with History

With a welcoming terrace area and direct entrance towards the city centre, it has a capacity for 120 people in the indoor dining room and 60 in the outdoor patio. In a unique atmosphere full of history, clients are invited to taste the best that Mediterranean cuisine has to offer.


The Menu, created by Chef Maurício Gonçalves, is inspired by Portuguese cuisine, with local products, grown with regional tradition and care. It combines the influence of Mediterranean cuisine with the classic flavours of French cuisine, the good humour of Italian food and the spices and aromatic herbs of the North African coast.

Portugal is a country of great wine-making traditions. Madeira, a region renowned worldwide for its work on fortified wines, produces wines with the tradition, innovation and quality that distinguish us as a product par excellence. With a charming patio and unique décor, the Tipografia restaurant offers the best of Mediterranean cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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