Calhau Beach

The municipality of Calheta, on the west coast of the island of Madeira, benefits from a mild climate almost all year round. We should note that this is one of the municipalities with the lowest rainfall rate in the archipelago.

As such, it is a very appealing destination for those looking to enjoy a day diving in the sea. The Calhau Beach is one of the best places for it. With a privileged location, near the centre of the town of Calheta, this seaside resort is known for its peaceful atmosphere. It is therefore an excellent alternative to the very busy golden sand beach of Calheta, inaugurated in 2004.

The Calhau Beach, consisting of pebbles, offers bathers several facilities. They can therefore count on a large sunbathing area, with changing rooms, sanitary facilities and a bar area with a terrace, where they can enjoy a refreshing drink overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Quite close to Calhau Beach, there are several regional restaurants specialised in fish. The excellent quality of this region's fishing produce ensures a memorable gastronomic experience, ideal for beach days.

The Calhau Beach, in Calheta, is a pebble beach with a reserved atmosphere. It offers various facilities for bathers, such as changing rooms or a bar area with a terrace.

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