Jardim do Mar Viewpoint

There are several localities on the west coast of the island of Madeira that combine the natural beauty of their surroundings, framed by the ocean, with the picturesque and typical profile of the towns.

The Jardim do Mar Viewpoint allows visitors to come into contact with one of those remarkable scenarios. The viewpoint can be found at the entrance of this parish which belongs to the municipality of Calheta. The Jardim do Mar Viewpoint thus offers a detailed view of the town, which is located on a 'fajã' sheltered by large rocky cliffs.

The name of this coastal locality makes reference to its natural beauty, bearing in mind that it was once covered in wild flowers. Nowadays, the green shades that surround it contrast with the arid colours of the cliff, thus forming a unique picture.

The Jardim do Mar Viewpoint is also highly recommended for those hiking along Vereda do Jardim do Mar (PR 20), a 1.9 km trail that begins in the parish of Prazeres, with a slope of approximately 500 metres. Near this viewpoint is the recently restored Water Mill, which was once used to grind the cereals grown in this parish and the surrounding area.

The Jardim do Mar Viewpoint is located at the entrance of this parish, allowing access to a detailed perspective over this typical town of the municipality of Calheta, situated on a 'fajã'.

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