Paul do Mar

Situated southwest of the island of Madeira, Paul do Mar stands out for the undeniable beauty of its surroundings and its deep-rooted fishing tradition, which mark the daily life and profile of this town to this day.

It is, therefore, an unavoidable parish in the municipality of Calheta. The name of this place comes from its peculiar orography, as it resembles a valley, sheltered by imposing rocks on one side and bathed by the sea on the other.

The town's proximity to the Atlantic Ocean has decisively shaped its culture and, of course, its economic activity. Paul do Mar is an important fishing centre on the island. The fishing product is highly appreciated by locals and visitors alike. Its renowned excellent quality is, of course, one of the biggest attractions of local restaurants. Given the abundance of fish (mainly migratory fish) in this area, a tuna canning export factory was set up in this parish in 1912.

Nowadays, it is still possible to see the chimney of the old factory, a testimony to that activity.

In addition, as with the neighbouring parish of Jardim do Mar, the waves of Paul do Mar are widely appreciated by surfers.

The parish of Paul do Mar is an important fishing centre on Madeira's southwest coast. This picturesque town is known for its striking natural landscapes and centuries-old traditions.

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