Piarro Viewpoint

It is practically impossible to visit Madeira without remembering some of the most breathtaking landscapes of this island, almost always marked by the imposing presence of the Atlantic Ocean. A visit to the Piarro Viewpoint allows access to one of those unforgettable sceneries.

This observatory is located in Lombo do Doutor, parish of Calheta. It enjoys a very high position, which gives its view a surprising breadth. It's the ideal place to look over the coastline of Madeira's west coast.

The Piarro Viewpoint overlooks the coastal area of the town of Calheta. For that reason, it allows visitors to observe this seaside area in detail, from an almost aerial perspective. From here you can see the Calheta Sand Beach, which is 100 metres long and is made of golden sand imported from Morocco, or the town's marina, equipped with 337 moorings.

In addition, the Piarro Viewpoint allows you to see, to the west, the Casa das Mudas Arts Centre, a museum dedicated to contemporary art. It is a modern building internationally awarded both for its architecture and its harmonious integration with the landscape.

Located at Lombo do Doutor, the Piarro Viewpoint offers an almost aerial view of the Calheta beach and marina and the Casa das Mudas Arts Centre.

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