Located in Paul da Serra, the only plateau on the island of Madeira, Rabaçal offers surroundings of rare natural beauty. It is a privileged place for those seeking to enjoy moments of relaxation in contact with its green surroundings, so characteristic of the Laurissilva forest.

In this spot, visitors will find a viewpoint with a memorable panoramic view over a large wooded area. Being located at Pico da Urze, the Rabaçal Viewpoint provides an open view over the largest valley on the island covered by Laurissilva vegetation, an indigenous forest which UNESCO has classified as World Heritage Site.

The Rabaçal valley impresses with its exuberance and vivacity. Besides belonging to the Natura 2000 Network, this site is also part of the Madeira Nature Park, classified as an area of rest and silence. It is, therefore, a must-see on the west coast of the island, for any Nature lover.

From Rabaçal it is also possible to set off to discover several iconic hiking trails. Highlights include Levada das 25 Fontes (PR 6) and Levada do Risco (PR 6.1), both beginning at Estrada Regional no. 105.

Rabaçal, in Paul da Serra, offers visitors a privileged view over a grand valley covered with the exuberant Laurissilva vegetation. It is an area of rest and silence.

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