Raposeira Viewpoint

With a privileged geographical position, the Raposeira Viewpoint is the perfect place for those who want to calmly contemplate the outline of the coastline of the western part of the island. For that reason, it is also widely visited by both locals and visitors, to watch the moment when the sun sets, 'disappearing' behind the ocean line.

As it is situated at an altitude of around 600 metres, the Raposeira Viewpoint provides a wide-angle view of the steep slopes that mark the coastline. This viewpoint is part of the parish of Fajã da Ovelha, whose economic activity is mainly linked to agriculture.

Being located in a place overlooking the parish of Paul do Mar, it provides an almost aerial view over this typical village with a strong fishing tradition.

The Raposeira Viewpoint also offers visitors the chance to view points of interest such as the parish of Prazeres, named after an old chapel dedicated to Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres, or the parish of Jardim do Mar, internationally known as a true oasis for the surfing community.

The Raposeira Viewpoint, located at about 600 metres, in the parish of Fajã da Ovelha, provides an unobstructed view over the coastline of the western part of the island.

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