Cascalho Viewpoint

The coastline of the west coast of the island of Madeira is marked by the vivid contrast between the crystal-clear shades of blue of the sea and the green patches covering the mountains of the region. From the Cascalho Viewpoint, visitors can access a memorable overview of this scenery.


Located between Tabua and Ponta do Sol, at Sítio da Lombada, this viewpoint can be accessed through Estrada Regional 222. Enjoying a high position, the Cascalho Viewpoint is a privileged point of observation over the municipality of Ponta do Sol, but there's more.


From here, it is possible to see places like Tabua, the smallest parish in the municipality of Ribeira Brava, crossed by a seven-kilometre-long stream that starts in Pico das Pedras and flows into the town's small seafront.


It also allows you to contemplate Ribeira Brava, elevated to town in 1928. From the Cascalho Viewpoint, visitors can also see Lugar de Baixo, at Ponta do Sol, where they will find the only tidal lagoon in the archipelago of Madeira. There are plenty of reasons to visit this ideal place for contemplation.


On Estrada Regional 222, the Cascalho Viewpoint is surrounded by nature and the Atlantic Ocean, allowing views of places such as Lugar de Baixo, Tábua and Ribeira Brava.

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