Paul da Serra

With a unique natural landscape, Paul da Serra is a unique point of interest in the island of Madeira. This is the largest mountain plateau in the whole archipelago. It is, therefore, one of the most relevant (and unmissable) points of interest in the municipality of Ponta do Sol.


With an average altitude of 1500 metres, Paul da Serra offers amazing views over the mountain peaks and the deep valleys that mark its surroundings.


On days with good visibility, it is possible to see the coastline of the south and north coasts. The landscape is, however, dominated by Nature's shades of green. This place is home to a diverse and valuable flora.


We can find multiple clusters of indigenous vegetation in this area. The flora includes some endemic species, characteristic of the central mountain massif. Such is the case of thyme (Thymus micans), for example. Paul da Serra is also home to important wildlife species, particularly birds.


Enjoy a visit to this grand plateau, the only one on the island of Madeira, to explore some of the many trails and 'levadas' that start here.


Paul da Serra is the only plateau on the island. Situated at an altitude of around 1500 metres, it is home to valuable fauna and flora and offers panoramic views.

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