Viewpoint over Ponta do Sol

The west coast of the island of Madeira is rich in surprising landscapes, often highlighted by the presence of the Atlantic Ocean. At the Viewpoint over Ponta do Sol you can contemplate one of the region's most striking sceneries.


As indicated by its name, this viewpoint offers visitors a unique perspective over the Ponta do Sol valley. This place owes its name to the presence of a tip of rock that enters the sea and reflects sun rays.


From the Viewpoint over Ponta do Sol it is possible to contemplate the harmonious contrast between the green mountains that protect the town and the deep, crystal-clear blue of the sea in the background. A framework that is certainly worth photographing. At the Viewpoint over Ponta do Sol, visitors can find cement benches they can use if they who want to enjoy some quiet moments of rest and contemplation of their surroundings.


Take advantage of your visit to this place to discover some iconic points of interest in this parish, such as the Nossa Senhora da Luz Church, from the 15th century, or the romantic Lugar de Baixo Palace.


The Viewpoint over Ponta do Sol offers a privileged view over this town, sheltered by green mountains. The Atlantic Ocean is the background of this scenery.

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