Calhau da Lapa

If you are looking for a place with a peaceful atmosphere on Madeira's west coast, where you can calmly enjoy the sunny days characteristic of this region, Calhau da Lapa is certainly an option to consider.


This pebble beach is located in the parish of Campanário, municipality of Ribeira Brava. It is, above all, known for the excellent quality of the waters that bathe it. This is the ideal place to enjoy a dip in the transparent and clear sea of this area, with mild temperatures all year round.


To get to Calhau da Lapa you have to follow the trail over the steep cliffs. As such, we advise you to wear comfortable footwear so that you can overcome the steep descent in total safety. You can also arrive at this bathing area by boat - a nautical experience that is always memorable.


At Calhau da Lapa, bathers can enjoy a relaxing environment and a unique landscape. On one side, the scenario is painted with the arid colours of the cliffs that protect the beach; on the other, the vibrant and clear blue of the Atlantic reigns.


Note: Temporarily closed


Calhau da Lapa, situated in the parish of Campanário, is a small bathing area known for its peaceful atmosphere and the excellent quality of its waters.

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