Espigão Viewpoint

Enjoying an elevated position, the Espigão Viewpoint offers a privileged observation point over the green hills of Madeira's west coast. It is the ideal place to contemplate the typical natural and mountain landscapes of the island.


This viewpoint is located in São Paulo, in the municipality of Ribeira Brava. The dense vegetation covering the mountains marks all the surrounding scenery, punctuated only by the orange roofs of a few dwellings. In turn, in the background, it is also possible to see the deep blue of the Atlantic Ocean.


Being high up in Ribeira Brava, the Espigão Viewpoint allows you to get a detailed view of the imposing valley where this town is located. In addition, this spot offers the possibility of contemplating the high mountains over the Serra d'Água valley, where the peaks of Cruz, Cedro and Pico Grande stand out. From here you can also see Encumeada, a high point, about 1000 metres high, which connects Ribeira Brava, on the south coast, and São Vicente, on the north coast.


Surround yourself with nature and memorable landscapes at the Espigão Viewpoint.


Located in São Paulo, the Espigão Viewpoint offers a privileged view over the town of Ribeira Brava and the mountain peaks of Serra d'Água.

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