Pousada dos Vinháticos Viewpoint

Located in Serra d'Água, the Pousada dos Vinháticos Viewpoint offers a wide perspective over the mountain peaks of the Ribeira Brava municipality. It therefore offers its visitors an immersive experience in Madeira's soaring nature.

Serra d'Água, situated in the southwestern centre of the island, is surrounded by a dense forest and imposing hills. Standing out among them are the Cruz, Cedro and Pico Grande peaks. Several watercourses run through the territory of this locality that, once joined, form the wild river that gives its name to the parish of Ribeira Brava.

The Pousada dos Vinháticos Viewpoint enjoys precisely these green and mountainous surroundings. It is, therefore, the ideal place to relax in communion with Nature, with a wide and unobstructed view over this pearl of the Atlantic. Note that this viewpoint was so named after the hotel unit that is located on the site. Pousada dos Vinháticos has been open since 1933.

On its grounds, it has amenities such as a car park, a picnic area and a sunbathing area. Come and look over the majesty of Madeira's mountains from the Pousada dos Vinháticos Viewpoint.

The Pousada dos Vinháticos Viewpoint is located in Serra d'Água in the centre southwest of Madeira Island. It offers an unobstructed view over the imposing mountain peaks that mark its surroundings.

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