Ribeira Brava Lighthouse

The connection to the sea marks the history and daily life of Madeira in an unavoidable way. On the west coast of the island, the Ribeira Brava Lighthouse can be seen as a testimony of this close relationship with the Atlantic Ocean, mirrored in Madeira's architectural heritage and in its centuries-old fishing tradition, for example.

This building can be found on the right bank of the town, west of its harbour. It is about 16 kilometres west of the archipelago's main maritime gateway, the Port of Funchal. As it is located on top of a promontory, the lighthouse is 34 metres above sea level.

The Ribeira Brava Lighthouse is a square-shaped building, six metres high and with two levels: The lower level, which has a larger area, is painted white, while the upper level is red. The light is inside.

The construction of the Ribeira Brava Lighthouse dates back to the 1930s. This light can be reached by means of a modern spiral metal staircase.

The Ribeira Brava Lighthouse is located on the right bank of the town, 34 metres above sea level on top of a promontory.

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