Fonte de Areia Viewpoint

The large quantity of sand gave this place its name, where the purest water on Porto Santo was once found - it was even considered a sacred spring by the locals.


It's called Fonte de Areia and here is where we find a viewpoint that stands out both for its views and its surroundings.


From the Fonte de Areia Viewpoint, Porto Santo, you can see Ilhéu da Fonte de Areia, as well as the cliffs and the north coast of the island. It's a predominantly arid landscape, but with an unparalleled beauty.


The sandy rocks, shaped by wind erosion, provide a unique visual spectacle. This phenomenon, complemented by the large quantity of sand that occupies this area, proves the geological antiquity of Porto Santo.


These are extensive accumulations of biogenic carbonate sandstones, classified as eolianites, caused by the centuries-old action of the wind. Eolianites are the bedrock of the current sand on Porto Santo beach, whose sandy particles are mostly made up of fragments of mollusc shells and calcareous algae, a legacy of the marine life that may once have existed here.


Once here, don't forget to visit the nearby fountain built in the 18th century.

The Fonte de Areia Viewpoint offers landscape and surroundings marked by sandy rocks. A unique landscape that witnesses the geological antiquity of Porto Santo.

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