Lombas Viewpoint

With one of the most stunning views over the bay and beach of Porto Santo, the Lombas Viewpoint is one of the places to look out for when visiting the island. Its privileged location, very close to the centre, allows visitors to enjoy a panoramic view over the town of Vila Baleira, which extends as far as the old pier, one of the landmarks of the extensive sandy beach of Porto Santo.


This is actually a viewpoint that is quite easy to recognise, given the presence of an old windmill, a landmark of the landscape and the History of the island, which gives a special charm to this place. It's a wooden windmill, which is no longer in use and has become, over time, a reference of the region's heritage and culture. It has therefore become a peculiar tourist attraction.


Finally, taking advantage of the presence of a restaurant nearby, where you can taste some regional delicacies, this viewpoint is ideal to enjoy a late afternoon in the company of family or friends. Let yourself be enchanted by the vibrant, and always photogenic, colours of this landscape.

The Lombas Viewpoint allows you to contemplate the bay and beach of Porto Santo. The windmill there serves as a reference point and tourist attraction.

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