Mother Church Nossa Senhora da Piedade

The Mother Church Nossa Senhora da Piedade is one of the main monuments of the historical heritage you can enjoy in Porto Santo. It's a religious temple, built between 1430 and 1446, that has accompanied the entire History of the island.


Located in Largo do Pelourinho, right in the centre of Vila Baleira, this monument has a modest exterior façade. However, it surprises visitors with its interior. Upon entering, you will immediately notice the Morgada Chapel, a vestige of the initial 15th-century construction, with Gothic elements from this century.


Comprising a chancel and a single nave, the Mother Church Nossa Senhora da Piedade displays a Rocaille polychrome wooden ceiling, which is worth a close look. We should also highlight the altars and paintings by Martim Conrado and Max Römer, whose artistic beauty is unquestionable.


The History of the Mother Church of Porto Santo is quite turbulent, as it was burnt down several times by pirates and corsairs who landed on the island. Elevated to parish church in 1500, a few decades later, in 1566, it was actually pillaged and practically destroyed by French corsairs. For that reason, in 1667, it underwent a total reconstruction.

One of Porto Santo's main monuments, the history of the Mother Church Nossa Senhora da Piedade dates back to the 15th century. Surprise yourself with the interior of this building, with its Gothic elements.

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