Nossa Senhora da Graça Chapel

In the landscape of the south coast of Porto Santo, there is an isolated chapel on the slope of Pico Castelo. This is the Nossa Senhora da Graça Chapel, one of the oldest religious temples on the island, famous for the religious festivals it hosts in August.


You can find your way to this chapel on a visit to the famous Portela Viewpoint. To do so, just take a short diversion to the Casinhas site. It's also worth it for the surrounding landscape. Here, you will find a small religious building accessible by a staircase, whose origins date back to 1533. History tells us that this space has often served as a refuge for inhabitants escaping from pirate persecution.


Inside, there is an image of Nossa Senhora da Graça, a 16th-century work by a Flemish workshop. Destroyed in 1812, this temple was rebuilt in 1951, acquiring the characteristics it presents today.


If you are in Porto Santo on the bank holiday of 15 August, visit the Nossa Senhora da Graça Chapel to witness one of the island's most famous religious traditions, the 'Festas' in honour of Nossa Senhora da Graça. Both the chapel and the surrounding area are filled with colour and light to welcome thousands of devotees and visitors.

The Nossa Senhora da Graça Chapel, one of the oldest temples on the island, is worth a visit for its historical value and for the view over the bay of Porto Santo.

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