Padrão dos Descobrimentos

On an island with a historical connection to maritime expansion, the presence of elements related to this era is unavoidable. One such landmarks is undoubtedly Padrão dos Descobrimentos, located in the town of Vila Baleira.


This monument stands on Alameda do Infante, near the old pier, where the Porto Santo Promenade begins. It's commonly known as 'Pau de Sabão' (soap stick) among the locals. This name came from its shape, created based on several quadrangular basaltic sections that, together, create an imposing tower.


On the various sides of this square parallelepiped there are reliefs alluding to the events and protagonists of maritime expansion. So, it includes names from this historical era, such as Infante D. Henrique.
It should also be noted that the work is signed by the sculptor António Aragão, one of the leading names of 20th-century Madeiran culture. Its official inauguration took place on 28 August 1960.


After a visit to this monument, take the opportunity to explore the Infante D. Henrique Avenue Garden, Vila Baleira's green space par excellence. Then, go for a relaxing walk along the Porto Santo Promenade, enjoying the tranquillity offered by the sea.

Padrão dos Descobrimentos is a monument that underlines the historical connection of Porto Santo to the time of the Portuguese maritime expansion. It can be found on Alameda do Infante.

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