Portela Viewpoint - Porto Santo

If you want to take a real postcard of the golden island with you, the Portela Viewpoint, Porto Santo, is a mandatory stop. This is unequivocally the most emblematic natural viewpoint in this region.


The scenery speaks for itself: a panoramic view over the entire south coast, with the town of Vila Baleira in the centre and the golden beach with its golden border highlighted by the turquoise blue sea. This privileged panorama is located on the eastern tip of the island, just over a kilometre and a half from the centre.


In fact, even the path to the viewpoint itself deserves a close look by visitors. An avenue of palm trees and a windmill set the scene. During the tour, pass by the Nossa Senhora da Graça Chapel, built in 1851, where one of the most important religious festivals of the island is celebrated.


At the Portela Viewpoint, Porto Santo, the framework is obviously marked by the long stretch of beach but also by Pico de Baixo and Ilhéu de Cima. It's also possible to see several high points of the island and even the Porto de Abrigo and the Porto Santo Marina.

The Portela Viewpoint, Porto Santo, is considered the most emblematic in the region. A mandatory stop for all those who want to remember the true postcard of the golden island.

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