Quinta das Palmeiras

Quinta das Palmeiras is a small oasis that gives life and colour to one of the most arid areas of Porto Santo. Located west of the airport, this farm is a mini zoo and a mini botanical garden, where you can find ornithological species and a variety of luxuriant plants.


A visit to this green spot on the island, which occupies an area of over 5,000 m² and is home to various species of plants and animals, is therefore highly recommended. The project was conceived and executed by Carlos Alfonso, who fought against all odds to build this very special space here. Water had to be brought in on tanker lorries in order to grow a wide variety of plants, particularly palm trees, erucaria and metrosideros. The colours of the garden are guaranteed by roses, candelabra aloe, hibiscus, among other flowers.


Likewise, the fauna here brings an irreplaceable animation. Among the various birds, Quinta das Palmeiras is home to pigeons, parrots and macaws. Visitors may also come across ducks and swans, inhabitants of a small lake that creates the verdant scenery.


Take the opportunity to enjoy this different experience on the golden island with the whole family.

Quinta das Palmeiras is a mini zoo and mini botanical garden set in one of Porto Santo's arid areas. A true oasis, with various species of plants and animals.

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