São Pedro Chapel

The São Pedro Chapel enjoys a prominent position on the slope of Pico Ana Ferreira. This small temple with a simple exterior architecture is marked by the characteristic lines of the Baroque and Mannerist styles. Built in the 17th century, it underwent significant works in the 18th century.


This chapel, located in Campo de Baixo, keeps some relics inside. This is the case of the late-Baroque, gilded woodcarving altarpiece, or the chancel roof, with false wooden vaults decorated with decorative paintings.


In the niches, there are three 18th-century images, made of upholstered, polychrome and gilded wood: St. Peter, St. Francis Xavier, the apostle of the East, and St. Anthony, by a more popular workshop. Don't miss the holy water font made of stone and decorated with shells from the island, next to the sacristy. Outside, the churchyard is paved with pebbles - very commonly found at the entrance to Madeiran religious temples - where the figure of a caravel stands out, as a reference to the patron saint of sailors.


Finally, make the most of the visit to the São Pedro Chapel by taking a walk along the Pico Ana Ferreira footpath and discover the prismatic columns that bear witness to the island's volcanic activity.

On the slopes of Pico Ana Ferreira, the São Pedro Chapel is originally from the 17th century. Inside, it houses a valuable historical and artistic heritage, which deserves a close look.

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