Calhau Grande

Rural Tourism Development - Country House

A countryside way of life!

Calhau Grande is a group of typical houses at Arco da Calheta (Westside of Madeira). Each house has a private garden with a panoramic view over the ocean. Inside the property there is a swimming pool and a set of flowery terraces that can be discovered by guests.


Calhau Grande is a simple and authentic refuge, for those looking to enjoy moments of tranquillity and a truly rural experience in the Island of Madeira.

The rural houses, carefully renovated by the Gouveia Family, respect the natural landscape and are framed by surprising views over the ocean, by the energy of the basalt rocks and by verdant tropical gardens. You can smell the flowers, relax by the pool, enjoy unforgettable sunsets, immerse yourself in local traditions and discover the agricultural land with fruit trees, vegetables and aromatic herbs. It's a familiar, romantic and welcoming place away from the stressful city life!! Calhau Grande is the result of sharing rural experiences in Madeira. You are invited to experience these moments of serenity too!
Caminho do Massapez, 10
9370-077 Arco da Calheta
calhau grande madeira 3
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