Casas da Levada

Rural Tourism Development - Agri-tourism

Sustainable accommodation

This charming property lies between the magic of Nature and the 'Levadas' and has the privilege of being on the edge of Madeira's Natural Forest - the Laurissilva.


Surrounded by large landscaped areas, which include small organic vegetable gardens, where you can freely pick agricultural products, these houses, renovated with tradition and charm, offer a full view of the blue Atlantic Ocean.


Among the 'Levadas' that run across the entire property, there is an infinity pool with a solarium and an area with animals.


A property that takes us back to our roots and traditions, embracing Permaculture and the consequent Sustainability in order to establish harmony and balance with nature.


A source of unique experiences and moments of tranquillity and leisure, intended for all Nature lovers.

'Casas da Levada' is an Agritourism property consisting of 6 individual houses suitable for families (B&B and Self Catering) located in Ponta do Pargo, on the western tip of the island of Madeira.

Since its creation, Casas da Levada has developed its concept and design on Permaculture. As the project evolved, Permaculture became more comprehensive and transversal, reflected in three pillars: Caring for the Earth (environmental sustainability), Caring for People (social sustainability), and Fair Sharing (economic sustainability).
Rua da Lombadinha - Corujeira nº 20
9385-237 Ponta do Pargo
casas da levada madeira 1
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