Heart of Funchal

Local Accomodation - Apartment

Unique Places

From 30 years of experience in urban rehabilitation, a desire was born to diversify and offer a different product, aimed at travellers, that would maintain the characteristics of building renovation and respect for the history and spirit of the period in which they were built, adding the comfort, colours and facilities of our times.


Located in the centre of Funchal, in the heart of the city, the interventions by the company 'Heart of Funchal' give new life to buildings that have already lived many stories and seek to contribute to revitalising the lives of guests committed to enjoying the experiences that Madeira has to offer.


'Comfort, simplicity and elegance in unique locations'

Heart of Funchal has been developing a taste for the art of hospitality with quality, attention and availability for all those who give us the pleasure of sharing with us the fruit of the renovation of our properties, in a continuous learning process that implies a lot of work, carried out with enormous passion.
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