Hotel Quinta da Serra

Accommodation establishment - Hotel *****

A hotel with a BIO concept

Hotel Quinta da Serra is located in the mountains above the city of Câmara de Lobos, 820 metres above sea level, in a 14.5 hectares property with certified organic agriculture and catering services.


We maintain our historical heritage and gardens from 200 years ago, and take the greatest care of biodiversity and the environment, being a carbon-neutral hotel since 2021, as we offset our carbon footprint.


We have 52 rooms and suites, a restaurant and bars, a swimming pool and solarium, and quality service.

Hotel Quinta da Serra - BIO HOTEL - A project with organic agriculture and catering services, which is environmentally friendly and promotes biodiversity. Located 800 meters above sea level, near 'levadas' and trails, it is designed to offer a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere to its guests.

Hotel Quinta da Serra respects Nature, through biodiversity, agriculture, gardens and a forest area, being one of the very few zero-carbon hotels in Portugal. Our agricultural products are used to prepare meals, ensuring we serve our guests food with the best quality and flavour. Our gardens and organic agriculture allow our guests to enjoy an immersive experience with Nature, namely by collecting fruits and vegetables which will later be used in their meals, or by touching the tallest tree in the island of Madeira.
Estrada do Chote, 6
9325-140 Jardim da Serra
quinta do jardim da serra madeira 4
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