Terrabona Nature & Vineyards

Rural Tourism Development - Agri-tourism

Wellness Retreat

On the north coast of Madeira Island, Terrabona Nature & Vineyards is a Wine Country & Wellness retreat, located in a natural and pure environment, very close to the sea, surrounded by our Laurissilva Forest, an UNESCO World Natural Heritage


"Following the recent success of our white wines, our family created a new concept of wine tourism, linked to nature.

You will be able to stay in our Villas near to the vineyards, visit them, taste our wines, including to know the whole process of producing our wines.

On a small scale, with our personal imprint, and passion.

Our passion.

Always in a surrounding of an extraordinary nature with 25 million years of existence, providing a set of unique experiences in this world natural heritage, attributed by UNESCO.

We will be here for you, hoping to be able to surprise you.

​Maria and Marco"

Here you will be surprised by the magnanimous natural plot that will present you from dawn to dusk. Enjoy the silence of nature to the sound of the sea waves, in this unique retreat that you will never forget.
Wine tasting
Terrabona Nature & Vineyards
Estrada do Cardo, 117
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