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From early on, the history of Madeira was marked by the successful cultivation of sugar cane. The abundance and quality of the crops were such that, as early as the 15th century, large quantities of sugar started being exported to mainland Europe, Africa and Asia. The "white gold" then became a source of wealth for the island in the centuries that followed.
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Madeirans started to develop a tradition of manufacturing products and sweets that, combined with some of the region's most exotic fruits, resulted in winning recipes that have endured to this day, leaving a profound mark on traditional Madeira food. Sugar cane molasses, a product made from sugar cane in the region, is a great asset in Madeira's confectionery. It gives many recipes their distinctive flavour. The honey cake and the honey biscuits are probably the best-known Madeiran sweets.
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The 'queijada' of Madeira (curd cheese pastry) is also one of the hallmarks of confectionery. Made with curd cheese and eggs, it is a delight with an incomparable taste and texture, ideal for breakfast or a snack.
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However, in most restaurants in Madeira, after your meal, one of the desserts most likely suggested is passion fruit pudding. Usually homemade and made from fresh passion fruit, the small dark seeds of this fruit play a part in the presentation of this yellowish-coloured dessert. Custard apple mousse and Surinam cherry pudding are other sweet delights that benefit from the exotic nature of our regional fruits, as they are a tasty way to end a meal under the topic of "traditional Madeira food".
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