PR 10 - Levada do Furado

This hiking trail, which follows one of the oldest public 'levadas' of the island, is 11 km long and takes about 5 hours to complete.

Beginning at Ribeiro Frio, PR 10 Levada do Furado allows you to contemplate the various shades of green that make up the natural area of the Laurissilva forest.
Besides the varied flora, consisting predominantly of tree species of the Lauraceae family, it is the Ribeiro Frio valley that dominates the landscape.
At Levada do Furado, hikers can admire the design of the farmlands of Faial, São Roque do Faial and Porto da Cruz, as well as the colossal Penha d'Águia rock formation.
Levada do Furado continues until the water station where waters divide and Levada da Serra do Faial ends.

From there it descends to Portela, in the municipality of Machico.
Crossing the forest area of Lamaceiros and passing by the Forestry Station of Lamaceiros, you will find Levada da Portela, which goes around the left side of Lombo das Faias.

Shortly afterwards, you will enter regional road ER 102, to finish this moderate difficulty trail.

On the final stretch of Levada do Furado, take the opportunity to recharge your batteries at the Portela viewpoint.

The detour to the alternative route must be made at kilometric point PK 7+200 (counting from the beginning, in Ribeiro Frio) and follows an old path to Pico do Suna (Suna Peak) and then along a forest path until it meets the levada at Lamaceiros. From here hikers may follow the original footpath in direction of Portela.

This route has a total length of approximately 2.2 km (additional 1.1 km to the original route).

This alternative route is more demanding than the original footpath, due to the difference in level, with an ascent of approximately 1000 meters in direction of Pico do Suna and then a descent of approximately 1200 meters til it reaches Levada do Furado.


Distance: 11 km
Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 5 hours
Start/End: ER 303 (Ribeiro Frio) / E.R. 102 (Portela)
Max. Altitude / Min. Altitude: 880 m / 645 m

IFCN Madeira
Rua João de Deus 12 F, RC C
9050-027 Funchal
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