PR 14 - Levada dos Cedros

With a length of 7.2 km and an estimated duration of 3 hours, Levada dos Cedros is a trail of moderate difficulty, which begins in Fanal, on regional road ER 209, and ends on the same road but in the area of Curral Falso.

Here, you can get in close contact with the island's natural heritage.
When you set off along Levada dos Cedros, you can appreciate the Fanal area, enjoying the peace and quiet of this area classified as a Rest and Quiet Reserve, in the Madeira Natural Park.

Here you will find a centuries-old Til (Ocotea foetens) forest, some of which already existed when the island was discovered.The trail follows Levada dos Cedros, one of the oldest in the region.

Built in the 17th century, it starts in the water outcrops of Lombo do Cedro, at an altitude of 1000 metres. It is excavated in the very soil of the hillside, and is only paved in areas where the soil is more friable.

Along the trail, which will take you to a close encounter with the indigenous Laurissilva forest, you will come across trees between 30 and 40 metres high.
You will then get past the steep slope of the right bank of the Ribeira da Janela stream and reach the end of Levada dos Cedros at Curral Falso.

Distance: 7.2 km
Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 3 hours
Start/End: E.R 209 (Fanal) / E.R 209 (Curral Falso)
Max. Altitude / Min. Altitude: 1090 m / 840 m

IFCN Madeira
Rua João de Deus 12 F, RC C
9050-027 Funchal
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