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The flavour of the island off the island

Poncha is a traditional drink from the Island of Madeira, present in the lives of all those who live there and who visit it. In winter, it helps people feel warmer and heal illnesses; in summer, it refreshes and livens up the afternoons and evenings and is, on any occasion of the year, the perfect company to gather friends and family.


The BisBis artisanal poncha is sold fresh to be consumed after opening on the same day or in the following days. It can be ordered or sold by the glass, in litre or half-litre bottles, directly in our shop. The BisBis artisanal poncha also provides events, with or without counter service. It can be found in several bars and restaurants and offers workshops. We are in Lisbon but also on the island of Madeira.

Maintaining the traditional method, the BisBis artisanal poncha dares with more varied and colourful flavours. All its ingredients are fresh and carefully chosen. It is made from sugar cane brandy, sugar or bee honey, lemon juice, orange juice, passion fruit, red berries and guava, depending on its flavour. There are currently five: traditional, fisherman, passion fruit, red berries and guava.
Rua Correia Teles, 20A
1350-099 Lisboa
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