Watermills powered by the water of the 'levadas' (water channels) are part of the History of the Island of Madeira. Well, in the parish of São Jorge, municipality of Santana, it is still possible to have the opportunity to watch the last working watermill on the island.

Located in Achadinha, its history goes back more than 300 years. However, after undergoing a restoration process in 2000, it is now fully functional. It is powered by the waters of the Levada do Rei, which crosses part of the exuberant forest cover of the north coast of Madeira.

Even today, the people of the region still use this watermill to mill wheat, corn, barley and rye, grown mainly on the agricultural terraces of São Jorge, as was formerly common practice all over the island. It is, therefore, a site of great relevance, where visitors can observe up close how the driving force of water was used to ensure the subsistence of the population.

Embark on this journey through Madeiran tradition and let yourself be surprised by the beauty and importance of the historical and cultural heritage that the island preserves.

Over 300 years old but recently restored, the São Jorge watermill is located at Achadinha and is the last one operating in the island of Madeira.

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