Flores Viewpoint

The surprising panorama over the nine kilometres of Porto Santo beach makes a visit to the Flores Viewpoint a must on any tour of the golden island. It's a privileged space to observe Ilhéu de Baixo or Ilhéu da Cal, but also to view Ilhéu do Ferro and Ilhéu de Cima. In addition, weather permitting, it is possible to see the Desertas islands and island of Madeira.


Located on the south coast of the island, to get here you have to leave the main road and go past the Centro Hípico do Porto Santo, round to the left. In fact, if you are looking for a different experience, you can even stop here and choose to visit the Flores Viewpoint on a memorable horseback ride.


When you reach the top, marvel at the panoramic view over the island of Porto Santo, where the contrast between the golden tone of the extensive sandy beach and the turquoise blue of the ocean stands out.


In the square of the viewpoint is the bust of the painter Francisco Maya (1915-1993), who lived in Madeira and died in Porto Santo where he had a house. His work is spread across several European countries, and beyond.

The Flores Viewpoint is a mandatory stop on a visit to Porto Santo because of its privileged view over the entire length of the island and the surrounding area.

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