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Connected Sea Hotel

The latest story of the Savoy Signature collection is aimed at those who like technology and authenticity. NEXT is aimed at millennials but also at those who identify with a hassle-free, contemporary and trend-conscious lifestyle.


Inspired by technology, NEXT is fully adapted to the digital nomad generation and includes a co-working space. This hotel is designed for conscious travellers who are looking for a price that matches what they actually enjoy during their stay.

NEXT is a 4-star hotel with a privileged location near the city centre, being the perfect choice for guests looking for a more contemporary and technological environment, where they will have the opportunity to customise their stay and choose their services.

In a hotel that wants to treat informally the millennial generation, digital nomads, technology lovers or geeks, and many more, free wi-fi is, of course, available throughout the hotel. In public areas, there are USB charging points for mobile phones and other equipment. The app developed specifically for this hotel is intended to automate several tasks. This new Savoy Signature concept, despite being designed for a younger generation, comes across as good value for money, focusing on customisation and flexibility by simplifying highly individualised processes. NEXT, which offers differentiated and essential services, relies on the latest technological trends to provide a unique experience. The Savoy Signature app will be further developed for this unit, with the possibility of controlling the digital DND, lights and air conditioning. We should highlight the self check-in terminals, televisions with Chromecast to allow streaming, and arcade machines. The rooftop pool will have a sound system that will allow you to listen to music underwater.
Recharge Bar & Restaurant
Rua Carvalho Araújo, 8 | 9000-022 Funchal
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