Saccharum Resort & Spa

Accommodation establishment - Hotel *****

Hedonist Design Resort

Located in Calheta, in the island of Madeira, the Saccharum is a bet on elegance and comfort, combined with technology and contemporary design.


The resort was designed in natural and landscape surroundings of exceptional quality, allowing you to enjoy, at the same time, the proximity of the sea and the mountain.


Geared towards wellness and well-being, the Saccharum comes across as a retreat for the senses. The Spa philosophy is inspired by traditional Ayurvedic medicine and is based on unique sensory experiences in a refined and luxurious environment. Tranquillity and well-being are guaranteed thanks to a wide range of treatments, which will completely invigorate and revitalise body and mind.

The sugar cane cycle is part of Calheta's history and inspired the construction and design of the Saccharum. The concept was surprisingly implemented in the hotel. The carpets became famous thanks to the texture that represents the greasy factory floors. Details such as the Spa's copper swimming pool, representing a honey tank, the green of the sugar cane, photographs on the headboards of the beds in all rooms, restaurants with walls covered in tubes and gauges. All this wrapped up in a modern style, marked by calm and tranquillity.
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Trapiche Restaurant
Rua da Serra D'Água, 1 | 9370-087 Arco da Calheta
Rua da Serra D'Água, 1 | 9370-087 Arco da Calheta
Calhau Beach Club
Rua da Serra D'Água, 1 | 9370-087 Arco da Calheta
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