Pico da Pedreira - Lombo da Velha

The Pico da Pedreira - Lombo da Velha trail is one of the most attractive challenges of the island for advanced mountain bikers.
The 'Blackline' is one of the most sought-after tracks in the region, proving to be quite complete at all levels.


Starting at Pico da Pedreira, in the area of Paul da Serra (ER 110), this trail covers 2.96 km, until Lombo da Velha, in the parish of Prazeres (ER 210).
The trail can be completed in 23 minutes, with a maximum altitude of 1215 metres and a minimum of 714 metres.


At first, the Pico da Pedreira - Lombo da Velha trail is quite open, in a fast and technical area, with tobogans on a stone pavement.
Afterwards, the track becomes more accessible, on a road.
Alternatively, there are two toboggans on the left, with a solid stone pavement and mud.
There, you have to be especially careful when braking, as the ground is very slippery.
Next is the Prazeres downhill track: fast and winding, between eucalyptus trees and with many roots on the ground.
Here, bikers cross drops, gaps (three to four jumps are high level) and some bumpers.


Given the demanding nature of the obstacles, it is advisable to study the terrain beforehand.
Distance: 2.96 km
Difficulty: Difficult
Duration: 23 minutes
Start/End: Paúl da Serra (ER 110) / Prazeres (ER 210)
Max. Altitude / Min. Altitude: 1215 m / 714 m
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