Pico Gordo - Lombo da Atouguia

Located in the municipality of Calheta, the Pico Gordo - Lombo da Atouguia trail is a suitable option for those who want to enjoy exciting and fun biking moments, always in contact with vibrant natural landscapes.


The trail starts at Rabaçal and ends at Levada da Rocha Vermelha.
It therefore has a total length of 5.49 km, which can be completed in around 30 minutes.
It should be noted that the whole track presents amazing mountain views, providing athletes with a close contact with the flora and fauna of this region of the island of Madeira.


This trail has very diverse areas: stone and dirt tracks, as well as some easy-to-cross quarries.
The Pico Gordo - Lombo da Atouguia trail is considered of moderate difficulty, with a maximum altitude of 1205 metres and a minimum altitude of 735 metres.


At the end of the Pico Gordo - Lombo da Atouguia trail, bikers enter an area of road, which climbs on the left to the main road.
It's five minutes of pedalling, followed by a steady flow trail.
At the end of the trail, there are two small bridges.
Distance: 5.49 km
Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 30 minutes
Start/End: Rabaçal / Levada da Rocha Vermelha
Max. Altitude / Min. Altitude: 1205 m / 735 m
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