Pico dos Bodes - Lombo da Velha

Appreciated for its diversity and fluidity, the Pico dos Bodes - Lombo da Velha trail is one of the most suitable options on the island for more experienced mountain bikers who want to experience moments full of emotion and adrenaline.


This trail, located in the municipality of Calheta, begins at Paúl da Serra (ER 110) and ends at Prazeres (ER 210), with a length of 6.45 km.
It runs between 1216 metres and 688 metres, and takes 45 minutes.


The Pico dos Bodes - Lombo da Velha trail is divided into two areas: the hunters trail and the redline.
The first is a descending trail, located in one of the most important grazing areas of the island (to find it you must open, and then close again, a door in heather branches, visible next to the fence).
It has many stones, roots and some tight curves, so it requires a lot of technique and increased concentration when the surface is more slippery.


This part of the Pico dos Bodes - Lombo da Velha trail ends in a road, which you follow for five minutes until the entrance to the redline.
There, athletes find an exciting fast track, with gaps, natural jumps, roots and bumpers.
Distance: 6.45 km
Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 45 minutes
Start/End: Paúl da Serra (ER 110) / Prazeres (ER 210)
Max. Altitude / Min. Altitude: 1216 m / 688 m
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