Ribeira da Hortelã

It's impossible to talk about canyoning in the island of Madeira without mentioning the Ribeira da Hortelã trail.
It is, without much doubt, the most popular trail for the practice of the sport in this pearl of the Atlantic, and there are several reasons that justify it.


Located in the municipality of Porto Moniz, the Ribeira da Hortelã canyoning is 900 metres long and has a level difference of 300 metres.
Given its demanding nature and technical characteristics, it is considered difficult, and can be completed in about three hours.


The trail begins directly at Levada do Seixal, with a 55-metre waterfall that flows into a vertiginous well.
Soon after, canyoneers come across a similar waterfall, with the same height. A memorable experience that awakens all senses.
The Ribeira da Hortelã canyoning then follows a final sequence of embedded waterfalls, which form a picture with beautiful features, difficult to forget.


Located in the Chão da Ribeira valley, overlooking the parish of Seixal, this trail can also be combined with the upper part of the same stream or with other canyons in the area.
Distance: 900 m
Difficulty: Difficult
Duration: 3 hours
Level difference: 300 m
Maximum rappel: 55 m
Rappels: 14
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