Ribeiro Bonito

Considered one of the most graceful and complete places for canyoning in the island of Madeira, Ribeiro Bonito is an option for those who want to make the most of this activity in Nature.


Part of the Laurissilva forest, in the municipality of Santana, this canyoning is one of the most appreciated by lovers of this sport.
The strong flow of Ribeiro Bonito and the 50-metre-high waterfall contribute greatly to this, ensuring an experience full of strong emotions, adrenaline and many stories to tell.


Stretching over two kilometres, this trail allows canyoneers to perform a series of memorable jumps.
It has a level difference of 400 metres and can be completed in about four hours.
Access to Ribeiro Bonito is challenging, but the experience is worthwhile.
On the other hand, the exit is through the famous Levada do Rei (PR 18).


It should be noted that this place is considered a natural sanctuary, covered by the green area of the indigenous Laurissilva forest.
In the end, be sure to visit the São Jorge water mill, the only one of its kind which, despite being three centuries old, is still in operation.
Distance: 2 km
Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 4 hours
Level difference: 400 m
Maximum rappel: 50 m
Rappels: 12
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