Ribeira das Cales

Canyoning at Ribeira das Cales is one of the most privileged ways to enjoy contact with Madeira's unique natural heritage.
This is a unique adventure, which can be enjoyed by more experienced canyoneers, but also by those who want to take their first steps in this sport.


The Ribeira das Cales canyoning trail is 850 metres long and can be completed in about two hours.
This trail, which has a level difference of 120 metres, is considered easy.
For this reason, it is one of the places most often chosen by tour operators on the island, as it has all the conditions necessary to start this activity.


Located in the Funchal Ecological Park, canyoning in Ribeira das Cales starts near Pico do Areeiro, one of the highest points in the archipelago at an altitude of 1818 metres.
It then has a series of rappels, up to 12 metres high, and several pools, where canyoneers can fully enjoy the crystal-clear waters of the region.


At the end, be sure to explore the Funchal Ecological Park, which occupies an area of approximately 10 km², in mountain terrain to the north of the capital of Madeira.
Distance: 850 m
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 2 hours
Level difference: 120 m
Maximum rappel: 12 m
Rappels: 5
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