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In the Madeira archipelago, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. The end of a working day can be the perfect excuse to gather colleagues and friends in sunny terraces or cosy spaces. The traditional Madeira gastronomy also extends to beverages, alchemy in liquid state, some with a centuries-old tradition and, thus, an incredible cultural legacy.
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Since the archipelago's early days of colonisation, wine-growing in Madeira has been one of the driving forces, of both the local economy and of the very destination's recognition abroad. Madeira wine, originally, but also the distinct table wines grown in the region are the perfect pairing to a great variety of iconic dishes of traditional Madeira gastronomy, while representing its best aperitifs and digestifs.
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Besides being one of the symbols of the Madeira archipelago in terms of traditional drinks, 'poncha' is considered among the locals as a ''remedy'' for colds and flu. In its original version - "the regional poncha" -, or in the more colourful versions that make use of our archipelago's tropical fruits, the truth is that hardly anyone stays the same after two 'ponchas'.
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Other delicious alcoholic drinks that accompany happy moments and feature regionally sourced products are the 'Nikitas'. The best ones add the incredible and unique regional beer to pineapple juice and vanilla ice cream. As not all toasts require alcohol, in Madeira, soft drinks also have a special flavour. Will you be able to ignore the surprising flavour of Brisa Maracujá and Laranjada? Oh... and we also make alcohol-free Nikitas!
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