Madeira and Porto Santo: increasingly accessible islands

Welcome to the archipelago

The archipelago of Madeira is a destination for everyone! As with other tourist destinations, proof of this is the presence of buildings with access and equipment for people with special needs all over the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo. Erecting new buildings already adapted to this reality, and turning existing infrastructures accessible to people with reduced mobility, is not only a concern but also a necessity for a tourist destination as acclaimed as ours.
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For those visiting us by air, the airport of Funchal and the airport of Porto Santo are the gateways to an unforgettable stay in this archipelago. Both infrastructures are fully adapted to all users with special needs. Like all airports in Portugal, you can also request free assistance services for passengers with reduced mobility.
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Port of Funchal

If you are travelling to Madeira by one of the hundreds of cruise ships that stop over in the region every year, your mobility needs are guaranteed. The Port of Funchal is tasked with welcoming the large cruise ships, full of passengers eager to explore what the few hours of stopover allow them. Both the North Pier and the South Pier are accessible to people with reduced mobility.
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Accessible accommodation

As far as accommodation is concerned, in the archipelago of Madeira, the vast majority of hotels have good conditions and equipment to comfortably accommodate people with special needs. Almost all hotels have access ramps and lifts to enable people with reduced mobility to enjoy their well-deserved rest. Even so, before booking your stay, get in touch with the accommodation you want to stay at to ensure that everything goes as expected.

Adapted transport

Public transport in the region has also undergone constant adaptation to become more and more capable of transporting people with reduced mobility.
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Equipment hire

All visitors with reduced mobility, when visiting the archipelago of Madeira, may bring with them their own support equipment. These include wheelchairs - manual or electric - as well as walkers, mobility scooters, or any other equipment that facilitates movement. In case of using the plane as a means of transport to reach the archipelago, when it comes to transport of electric chairs with lithium batteries, you should always contact the airline company as they must be informed in advance. For those passengers who prefer to rent mobility equipment when they arrive in Madeira, there are companies dedicated to hiring such equipment.
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Mobility scooters, for example, are easy-driving equipment, developed especially for the transport of people with reduced mobility (physical and/or motor disabilities), allowing them to be autonomous in carrying out their daily tasks. This type of vehicle is comparable to wheelchairs with an electric motor and its circulation on public roads is equivalent to pedestrian traffic.

Ortho Ilheus is one of the companies dedicated to the rental of this type of equipment, offering several easy-driving options.

Disabled parking permit

Citizens with a motor disability with a degree of disability equal to or greater than 60% or with profound multi-disability have the right to park in the spaces specifically designated for them and which are duly signposted. To do this, all that is needed is to place the Disabled Parking Permit for people with disability on the front windscreen of the vehicle, in accordance with the provisions of Decree-Law No. 307/2003 of 10 December.
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Walks for all

Madeira is the ideal destination for walk lovers, and in order to allow everyone to contemplate the lush beauty of our trails, there is a route between Pico das Pedras and Queimadas, in the municipality of Santana, which is prepared to receive visitors with motor disabilities. In this way, the charm of the Laurissilva Forest can be appreciated on dry days, on a route of about 2 km, by visitors with electric wheelchairs.
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Focus on Accessibility

There are several tourist entertainment companies that are duly accredited to provide quality services to people with reduced mobility.
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Accessible cultural spaces

Regarding the main attractions, mainly those of a cultural nature, all over the island and distributed among the leisure areas and cultural spaces, there is equipment that makes it possible for everyone to visit these spaces.
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A facilitator APP

The TUR4ALL APP allows people with special needs to plan their trips, accessing accurate and reliable information about the accessibility of tourist resources. TUR4ALL is prepared to personalise the search according to the user's specific needs. TUR4ALL publishes tourist resources evaluated by accessibility specialists, with the TUR4ALL distinctive seal, and also resources introduced by users through online questionnaires prepared for this purpose.
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