Monuments in Funchal

Explore Funchal's valuable historical and architectural heritage.

Architecture and History: city with memory

The streets of the capital of Madeira exhibit an extremely important historical and architectural heritage. From fortresses to palaces and Funchal's monuments dedicated to faith, there is much to discover!
fortress of s. tiago 1
regional government palace 1
baltazar dias theater 3
The capital of the archipelago of Madeira has some characteristics that make it one of the most attractive cities in Europe: from the exotic nature that embellishes every nook to its welcoming people and, of course, its valuable historical and architectural heritage. In this context, the wide range of monuments in Funchal is one of the most valuable and cherished legacies of this Atlantic island.
socorro church 2 quinta das cruzes garden 3
Funchal's monuments, scattered throughout the city's streets, are a faithful mirror of its History of more than five centuries. It's a kind of outdoor history book, offering the chance of travelling through different architectural and artistic styles, characteristic of different periods and with influences from every corner of the world.
S.Lourenço Palace 3
We can highlight, for example, the magnificence of the monuments built to protect the city of Funchal, such as the S. Tiago Fortress or the Pico Fort, the stylistic elegance of several palaces, the deep mark of faith in this region, present in unmissable places like the Cathedral of Funchal and the Santa Clara Convent, or even the importance of culture in the city's daily life, evident, among others, in the centrality of the Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre. Come and explore Funchal's monuments!
Fort of Pico Funchal 5 baltazar dias theater 1 santa clara convent 2
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