Funchal Gardens

In this European capital, Nature can be found in every corner.

A flowering city

Funchal's subtropical climate is the best fertilizer for the many flowers, plants and trees that bring colour and life to Funchal's gardens all year round.
The famous song repeats over and over again that 'Madeira is a garden'. So it is - and even the large urban centres of Madeira, with their cosmopolitan atmosphere, are no exception. Therefore, the great diversity of gardens in Funchal is an invitation to immerse yourself in a show of vivid colours all year round.
The subtropical climate in this region, with average temperatures of around 18°C in winter and 25°C in summer, provides the ideal conditions for the growth of an extensive array of flowers, plants and trees from all over the world. So, the botanical diversity of Funchal's gardens is a valuable natural heritage, cherished and appreciated by locals and visitors alike.
As they are spread all over the municipality, it is relatively easy to find parks of all sizes with exotic plants and flowers. However, some of these gardens in Funchal are a must-see, for their natural richness, of course, but also for their historical importance. Such is the case of the Madeira Botanical Garden, the Funchal Municipal Garden or the Monte Palace Tropical Garden, to mention but a few. Enjoy the peaceful and romantic atmosphere of Funchal's gardens to stroll around and discover Nature's charms.
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